Meeting With Art Critic, Robert Pincus


In June, 2010, Bob Pincus located himself in the center of a firestorm when the freshly developed editor of the San Diego Union Tribune, Jeff Light, laid off 35 work – including his work as Art Movie critic as well as Books Editor. Right away after finding out of this event, the San Diego art neighborhood rallied to Pincus’s side with Facebook projects “We Want Bob’, to community online forums at the Warwick Bookstore in La Jolla where a couple of hundred individuals gathered with arts leaders, to blog sites on the Huffington Article, short articles in the LA Times as well as even more – every person phoning call to renew Bob Pincus to his art movie critic position. As Pincus placed it “Its’ like I passed away, but didn’t”. Really feeling overwhelmed at the profusion of feeling and also support from the San Diego area for his plight, Pincus placed the previous behind him. The San Diego Union Tribune would not budge from their decision. Hugh Davies, MCASD Director, commented:.

” For over twenty years, Robert Pincus has been a premium movie critic– fair, intelligent and also well-informed– and also he deserves great credit history for the maturation of the art and also museum globe in San Diego. His departure from the paper is a significant loss to the aesthetic arts neighborhood here. Support from our city’s paper in the form of info but, a lot more importantly, informed criticism is vital to San Diego’s future growth and improvements as a lively social destination.”.

Spending plan cuts remain to afflict the San Diego arts community as it performs in several various other cities around the united state. As a matter of fact, for the previous year and a fifty percent, Pincus has been the Elderly Grants and Art Writer for MCASD – and also even with the truth that he was able to win substantial grants for the gallery from the NEA as well as the Andy Warhol Structure, and in spite of the comments Hugh Davies made( over), he was just recently given up from his placement. It is difficult to separate the profession of Robert Pincus from the ever before advancing modifications of the art world, its organizations and difficulties, as well as the decision manufacturers within it. It is informing, however, to finish the story – and look to the trajectory of Pincus’s life and exactly how his life-story evolved in San Diego.

To begin at the start, Robert Pincus was born in Connecticut as well as relocated with his parents as well as sibling to southern California when he was 7 years old. His father, that remained in the womens’ fashion as well as merchandising sector relocated the family members from San Diego to the Westwood location of Los Angeles when Pincus was 11, which is where he invested the equilibrium of his youth. He commented that while his household often visited arts as well as social events, he was not at first curious about visual art – his interest was literature. A self defined ‘counter society young adult’, who enjoyed the verse of Dylan Thomas and T.S. Eliot and the songs of Bob Dylan as well as Neil Young, he started composing verse. At Cal State Northridge where he invested his initial two years of university, an English trainer, Mrs Connelly recruited him to write for the college’s literary magazine as well as this started his composing occupation. An additional English educator introduced the suggestion of ‘voice’ in literary works by reviewing tales aloud to the students. This included the measurement of the spoken word, more catching Pincus’s imagination.

Pincus started as an English major, but was soon drawn to interdisciplinary studies as well as when he transferred to the University of The Golden State Irvine for his last 2 years of college, he transformed his major to Comparative Cultures. Pincus discovered himself amazed by the Avant Garde as a cultural phenomena and also noted he was affected by Professor Dickran Tashjian, who was a scholar of Dada as well as Surrealism and he moved to both English and American literary works as well. He took courses regarding Conceptual Art and also Duchamp and also teachers sent out the students to galleries in Los Angeles to compose event reviews. It was at this point that Pincus started creating for the university newspaper. He also did publication evaluations and for 2 semesters, as well as was the fine arts editor – later coming to be the editor of the entire paper. He commented that he never intended on entering into journalism. He took place to get a BA in Comparative Societies with a concentrate on literature and also art history.

Prior to advancing to graduate school, Pincus took one year ‘off’ and worked for a close friend’s family that were in the ‘seminar’ business. He aided organize seminars, wrote sales brochures, as well as was a ‘jack of all trades’. He after that attended the College of Southern California, examining for a masters level in American Research studies. He was provided a complete scholarship and he instructed freshman writing. He concentrated his masters thesis on Los Angeles and Art History and also was especially interested in musician Ed Kienholz – When he was a teenager a household close friend had actually taken him to see a significant exhibition at the Los Angeles Area Gallery of Art where he was initially presented to Kienholz’s job. After finishing his masters thesis Pincus took place at USC to research for a PhD in Ideology with a focus in Art History and also English. He commented that he had no strategies to come to be an expert art doubter – nonetheless, one of his consultants Susan Larson, recommended he write for Art Week and also later on for the LA Times where he came to be an independent author. He found his voice as an art author and created the evaluation for musician Mike Kelly’s first solo event in Los Angeles. There he created a style of composing for papers, focusing on the basic analysis target market. He remained to focus his research studies on Nancy as well as Ed Kienholz as well as interviewed them often times throughout the years of his research study for a PhD. Looking towards the end of his program at USC, Pincus was thinking about future work leads and his pal Christopher Knight informed him regarding an open position at the San Diego Union Tribune.

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