The Top 5 Crochet Hooks Every Beginner Should Have


Crocheting is a wonderful pastime that may be done regularly and however one prefers. Whether it is about knitting warm and comfortable blankets or classy103 scarfs or stately, delicate, and beautiful doilies, there is no getting away from the fact that you need the right tools for the job. First and foremost, choosing the right crochet hooks is crucial as it can influence the whole process of learning and make it more or less fun and engaging.

1. Aluminum Crochet Hooks

Aluminum crochet hooks are comfortable for new and professional crocheters because they glide smoothly across the yarn. They are lightweight and relatively more durable and their surface has been specially treated to make yarn run smoothly on them. The hooks are made of aluminum and the uniform dimensions mean that stitch measures are also uniform which is especially helpful for new learners. These hooks are also cheap and therefore they would be suitable for any beginner practicing crochet art.

2. Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Stitch markers are small accessories, that, when used, help to minimize hand strain and they are good especially when the crocheter does lots of stitching. These hooks have an ergonomic handle that feels comfortable to grasp and which conforms to the shape of the hand. To a novice, it will mean less of these awful cramps as they engage in crafting. There are zipper hooks in distinct widths and types of material, which may suit individual choice.

3. Bamboo Crochet Hooks

Bamboo crochet hooks are somehow light and eco-friendly compared to other materials being used. They provide soft tangible haptic feelings that many crocheters described as comforting. Bamboo has a tender natural surface that offers minimal drag; this makes it suitable for learners to wrap the yarn evenly forming the stitches. They do not strain the hand like the other hangers and they can be used for long periods of usage hence very comfortable.

4. Plastic Crochet Hooks

In my personal experience, I choose plastic crochet hooks for any first-time crocheter I know because they are inexpensive and versatile. One major advantage of the hooks is that they are available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit the needs of the client. Plastic hooks are light in weight and surface, thus allowing for yarn movement to take place easily. Also, their breaking capacity is low compared to that of some other forms of material.

5. Steel Crochet Hooks

Hooks made of steel are preferred for fine details and beautiful rendering on intricate patterns like laces and doilies. It is amazingly more powerful and wear-resistant compared to other brands and perfect for making neat, fine stitches. The beginner should have a set of steel hooks to try out the complex patterns of mandelic crochet designs.

They also have fine tips, which are suitable for threading vaguer lines and knitting slender twines to form design patterns.

Taking your life crochet a notch higher will also require other crafting equipment and besides, you might also require the services of a sewing machine servicing to ensure all of your crafting equipment is well maintained.

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