Selecting the Right Safety Cameras for Your House or Business


Straightforward Facts Every Person Should Know When Picking Security Cameras

We receive many telephone calls every week from representatives of numerous companies, Home Owner Organizations (HOA’s), condominium and also apartment communities concerning their need to set up safety camera systems. Given that a lot of the representatives that call have the exact same concerns I have actually assembled this details to help in the choice making process.

There are lots of points to think about when pondering security video cameras for your company, home or other entity as well as remember that the protection camera experts of Benson Equipments can answer every one of your inquiries.

As you start your search for safety and security cams you will see protection electronic cameras that cost $100 and safety cameras that set you back $3500. Additionally, all camera producers will certainly specify their electronic cameras generate the very best picture quality under any type of scenario. The truth is, much like whatever else in life, you get what you spend for.

Regrettably, lots of people check out rate alone as well as do not consider all aspects of the job available or the various modern technologies that are readily available.

If you are considering cost alone remember that the makers of cheap cams construct their cams with cost-effective elements and processors. The imaging mechanisms inside the cams are really poor quality and with this in mind the photos you record will certainly be inadequate. In addition, low end video cameras can not execute well in harsh conditions like we have below in Arizona.

We make use of cams that are made by popular business such as Pelco, Mobotix, Bosch, and also Panasonic just among others. We never ever suggest utilizing reduced end electronic cameras due to the fact that we know our clients will certainly not be happy with the end result.

Camera producers may promote that they use Sony photo processors to produce their electronic cameras as well as indeed they may. Sony makes a lot of the photo processors on the market today as well as many camera producers make use of the Sony processors.

Nevertheless, in the manufacturing procedure, Sony will have cpus that come off the line that are unqualified the Sony requirements. Like most suppliers, Sony has numerous classifications of their imaging cpus – varying from a cpu that is rated as ‘superb’ completely down to a cpu that Sony recognizes will fall short within weeks.

It is the processors that are not up to Sony criteria that will be marketed to the producers of low-cost video cameras. So keep in mind, a Sony cpu does not make a camera a Sony camera.


Less costly electronic cameras will certainly have taken care of, or non-adjustable, lenses. With repaired lens cams there is no way to relocate your prime focus in or out of a specific area. A set lens camera provides a ‘plug and also play’ type of camera. Benson Systems recommends as well as installs cameras that have variable focus lenses, so the best centerpiece can be gotten. There are many variables to select from for security camera lenses. Benson Solutions can aid you choose the right lens.


Ample Illumination is possibly the most vital issue when you desire good quality photos.

Shade video cameras require substantial light to be able to see. When the sunlight decreases and also if you do not have a camera that can make up very well for insufficient lighting, your photos will certainly be dark, otherwise non-existent. Nonetheless, no matter just how excellent the camera is all electronic cameras need appropriate illumination to be able to see in dark scenarios.

Some electronic cameras have reduced light cpus and also can see in reduced light scenarios. Infrared cameras can see in really dark conditions – however I encourage you to read more details listed below on infrared cameras.

Cameras need to be mounted in protective housings. Remember, cameras are tiny computers. As a matter of fact, qood top quality cams are produced using much of the very same components as our computers. Like our PCs, cameras should be protected from dust, dirt, heats, reduced temperatures as well as water, criminal damage and theft. Environmental housings help to protect the electronic cameras from all aspects and offer the cameras an enhanced lifespan.

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